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Finally finished designing some of the more useful spacecraft concept models that I'll be using for my webcomic project. They were a bit tricky as I wanted more realism and 'science' involved.

My next step is work on the fonts and signs that'll be used. I've already created the font concepts on paper, with several kinds for variety. Now I have to put recreate them on my PC for ease of use when making all of the signage. Once this work is done, the spacecraft and vehicle models can be properly decorated. Backgrounds will have appropriate signs as well. Building names, shop signs, data on computer screens, people's name tags, etc....

Other than this, I've begun working on creating the music and writing a song for the webcomic promotional video.
I'll begin removing my artwork from this account soon. Later re-uploading on a new account.
Abandoned House by SamuraiTaiga
Abandoned House
While wandering around the neighbourhood (as my wife insisted that I need to get the exercise) and scouting out possible locations for a short film project, I stumbled across this. An abandoned house. As I later discovered, there are at least several abandoned houses nearby. More sad evidence of the downturn in the Japanese economy regardless of whatever the Abe Government tries to claim. Possibly the family fled to avoid the debt collectors, who are always 'yakuza' (gangsters). Other neighbours will attempt to keep up the appearance in order to dissuade thieves, yet as this trouble spreads....

Dark premonitions abound.
Starry background by SamuraiTaiga
Starry background
I created this originally for my webcomic project "Beyond the Demon Star" but won't be using it. This is only one of the early versions that I made. If anyone wishes to use this, go ahead, but attribution would be nice.
Little Fellow by SamuraiTaiga
Little Fellow
My wife took this picture of a small furry visitor while she and my daughter were also were visiting a shrine in the mountains nearby.
An update

I'll be changing the name I use from the 1st of November.

I have many names for many interests. I haven't gone into detail about all of those. People have become too assuming that a person doing one kind of thing can't do another as well. I even hold myself back sometimes, because of this pandering to others assumptions. We all play roles but the truth isn't necessarily acceptable - nor believable - to the vast majority. You may personally believe that you're immune to such perceptions, but in my experience, that's a very rare person indeed. I will be putting (almost) everything that I do creatively under one nom de plume/gō/pseudonym. I have not decided 100% on this name as yet.

I'll likely close this account, but will pass onto my watchers the name and address of the new account.



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