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Hi, I live in Japan, on the edge of a small town close to the mountains with a great view of the forested mountains and Japan's largest inland sea.

I'm more of a writer than an artist, but trying to create a webcomic regardless of that. It's an OEL Manga (I'll do the Japanese version later)

If you're an adult past the age of majority (18+ in most places) in your country, you can check it out....
     The Monster & The Girl on Comic Dish; themonsterandthegirl.comicdish…

It's early days yet, so don't expect too much. It will update weekly (every Monday)


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Kajm Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
And of course, omyn87 or however he spells it, somehow believes that it is all about conspiracy theory :P But he's just an asshole who can't even make the effort to read and think about what I am actually saying.
Kajm Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
scyth claims he doesn't have to refute those 1100 papers, because they ALL support 'man-made' global warming.

You can count on the simple fact that he never bothered to look at a single one of them.
Kajm Jan 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Pay no attention to the clown behind the curtain *points to scythe*
scythemantis Jan 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You need some serious education if you're capable of falling for the U.S. republican "climategate" fable.

Here's a completely unbiased breakdown of how there was no "climategate" at all:…

Anthropogenic climate change is clearly and consistently demonstrated by all available evidence collected and analyzed by millions of researchers from every civilized nation on our planet.

Meanwhile, the laughable handful of "scientists" claiming there's no such thing have obvious political and economic biases, have questionable scientific credentials and their arguments utterly disproven at every single turn.

Human activity has an affect on the climate. It would be impossible for it NOT to. It's basic physics and chemistry, plainly demonstrable, and the only reason anti-intellectual political zealots are fighting so hard against that extremely simple scientific fact is that they're afraid of being forced to spend negligible amounts of money to improve their technology.
Wrong - it is YOU who needs the education, and you should stop peddling the nonsense that climategate didn't happen. You also obviously have never read the emails yourself, but rely on second-hand opinion. Go ahead, READ THE EMAILS instead of believing the BS from an apologists site.

I'm a rationalist, abiding by what LOGIC and actual scientific ethics require. When the evidence piles up against a theory, it is the theory that is WRONG, not the evidence. Unfortunately, as exposed by those climategate emails, such rational and ethical behaviour is NOT what the liars involved in the Climategate conspiracy were doing.

47% of USA climate scientists don't agree with AGW theory either. Where is the 'consensus'? That '97%' claim that AGW propagandists pushed for years was already debunked a long time ago, since it only counted 76 scientists as being that 97% while hundreds more scientists didn't even reply to the survey; hardly evidence of a 'consensus'.

Whether human activity has a 'greater' effect on climate globally than the Sun, volcanoes, tectonic disturbances of methane deposits, cosmic radiation, undersea vents, etc.... is highly debateable. You're misrepresenting the scale of the competition for influence, and sticking with AGW theory from decades ago while ignoring the advancements in scientific evidence that go against it. Of course some scientists will continue to adhere to a theory long after the evidence contradicts it, especially when they have built careers on promoting that theory and their organisations earn billions from the alarmism that's required by it.

Get of your high horse and do some real investigation with an open-mind and real logic, instead of repeating unsupported nonsense from officials & authority figures who prefer to lie about the evidence than change their claims.
Kajm Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer

I can't respond directly to him, but I have these:………



What kills me is this line: 'All known data, all experimentation, all objective evaluation of the real, actual natural world'


Except that the IPCC was created to look at ONLY 'man-made' effects, NOT natural cycles and influences.


Feh. Too tired tonight to get any further into it. Hope that helps... but you Know he will ignore Reality. He'd rather believe in a conspiracy by Republicans.

scythemantis Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
-Climategate didn't happen. Conservatives quote-mined e-mails and pretended they were about something completely different. Reading the original e-mails I could tell what they were about without being told any of this. YOU go read the emails. THEY ARE NOT WHAT REPUBLICAN TOOLS CLAIM AT ALL.

Nothing I posted for you was an "apologist" site, but hard facts. Learn to tell the difference between fact and sensationalism, please.

You are NOT a rationalist. You show no logic, you show no ethics, you show no understanding of science or logic at all. All objective evidence is clear-cut that human industry impacts the climate, it is an observable, simple process and there is absolutely no evidence against it other than the desperate campaign of lies by powerful people who fear losing money to environmental regulation.

Your 47% number is made up. There was no study, anywhere, that found such a number, and yes, there is a proven consensus world-wide. Open your eyes. NON-SCIENTISTS are lying to you and trying to force you to believe they have a sound argument.

Human activity doesn't need a "greater" effect on climate than all of those things. It only needs any effect at all to be a problem. If 1% of the warming trend were man-made, that would mean we desperately need to institute cleaner technology. 1% would be horrific.

But it's not 1%. All known data, all experimentation, all objective evaluation of the real, actual natural world by all actual, real professionals shows that half or more of current climate patterns are due strictly to a combination of pollution and deforestation. The planet is much more sensitive than your right-wing masters tell you in their stories.

"Get of your high horse and do some real investigation with an open-mind and real logic, instead of repeating unsupported nonsense from officials & authority figures who prefer to lie about the evidence than change their claims."

TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE. This is word-for-word what I have to say to you. You are falling for the laughably transparent, forced lies and distortions of a small, anti-scientific political agenda. You seem to have never touched actual science in your entire life.

*On a side note,you can still keep your doctor and healthcare plan and the Obamacare website is secure,no chance whatsoever of your personal information being compromised.

*extreme sarcasm.
You seem to like Einstein, so here is something he said that you should keep in mind;

"Concepts which have proved useful for ordering things easily assume so great an authority over us, that we forget their terrestrial origin and accept them as unalterable facts. They then become labeled as 'conceptual necessities,' etc. The road of scientific progress is frequently blocked for long periods by such errors."
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Wow, you are a truly a denier of reality. Climategate did indeed happen, and you are obviously full of delusional BS because you still try to discourage anyone and everyone from reading the evidence for themselves.

You are also delusional about the "evidence" since the actual evidence shows that the AGW theory is completely WRONG! It is NOT supported by the ice core data - regardless of whatever crap you seem to believe - because the CO2 rises always occur AFTER the temperature increases, and that has happened many, many, many times in the past. Including temperatures going well above what they are now, a lot faster than has been seen in the past 2 centuries, so there is NOTHING abnormal about the present climate changes. Ice ages also have come crashing down, switching in just months according to evidence discovered in the past ten years. But the AGW Theory pushers such as you will always ignore any - and ALL - evidence that contradicts your cherished adherence to a theory that was based on misunderstandings from decades ago.

The Sun has a more powerful influence that everything humans can do, you delusional twit. One frigging major volcanic eruption can drop worldwide temperatures into a mini-IceAge within just months; read some history, idiot. Look up the "Year without a Summer". Sorry, but your insane disrespect for truth is damning you.

Global sea ice is at a record high. Antarctica has been cooling for the past decade and the GRACE satellite indicates thickening in several areas. Melting there has slowed.

Greenland is adding snow and ice back on almost as fast as it is melting - despite the existence of a major volcano under the ice (which was totally disregarded by the AGW bunch). Software used to determine melting from satellite photos, was shown to have a major glitch in the programming- a lot of melting (in February, of all times of the year!) vanished when the program was corrected.

Climate changes all the damn time, going warmer, going cooler, and has done for millions of years without any requirement for humans at all.

We can't do anything about something which has occurred many, MANY times since the climate came into existence --- it is blatantly obvious that the whole "Blame CO2" crap is just a scam. 

The 47% number is not made up, you liar. Maybe that is all you have to resort to. Blatant lies! The 97% claim was exposed as garbage years ago, of the thousands of scientists who sent those survey questions, only 77 replied, which makes the survey uselessly misrepresentative - but that did not stop AGW theory propagandists like you from repeating the lies about 97% consensus endlessly.

The IPCC has been forced to admit in every report of the past several years that they have over-estimated the sensitivity of the climate in the models; so your claim that the sensitivity is greater is just plain BULLSHIT. Those silly models do NOT simulate reality; they get it wrong, repeatedly!

If you are going to insist on lying, at least do some research first. If you are not trying to lie, then wake the fuck and do some real research! You definitely do NOT know what the fuck you are talking about.

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