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Hi, I live in Japan, on the edge of a small town close to the mountains with a great view of the forested mountains and Japan's largest inland sea.

I'm more of a writer than an artist, but trying to create  webcomics regardless of that. I figure in this way my skills can improve by having a goal to aim at. All of my stories (and my planned webcomics) are for people who can think outside the usual box of walls in a mainstream paradigm. Rarely do I much expose a lot of details about my personal life, suffice to say that my life experiences are filled with weirdness and my family seem to get their design cues on existence from some over-the-top manga.

Firstly, I'm working on concepts for starships to be used in the Beyond the Demon Star webcomic.

Secondly, occasionally take a break from that and started playing around with music tracks again, and wrote another song.

Listening to;
Audio book, the Niven & Pournelle story "The Gripping Hand" (in English)

Still busy with work, but getting the tougher stuff out of the way.



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SamuraiTaiga Featured By Owner Edited 12 hours ago
Marine1337 thinks that BBC documentaries are conspiracy theory when the well researched documentary cites any evidence that contradicts the USA govt propaganda line about terrorists and Al Queda. LMAO.

I had a feeling that person was only a propaganda troll. Guess, I was proven correct. He/she doesn't make art, just posts screenshots from games and those cheapo meme thingies (probably made by someone else).

The BBC documentary I referred to, which that fool chose to declare to be the rantings of a 'conspiracy theorist' (obviously without even watching it), is called "The Power Of Nightmares". Don't bother reading the Wikipedia crap about it, WATCH the bloody documentary and learn to THINK for yourself.
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Thanks for the fave and comment! 
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